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I am with Thay in his hospital bed in spirit. But he would want me to be breathing, walking, smiling, cutting vegetables, speaking and listening mindfully, since he can’t do most of those things right now but breathe. There was another announcement that his vital signs are good and he has oxygen in his blood. Meditators all over the world are sending him healing energy and love.

I spoke about him in the dharma sharing at WMC last night. I loved hearing his voice on a CD from the 21 day retreat last June in Plum Village. Thay said that we ARE the cosmos, that the wave IS the whole ocean, that the ocean is in the wave, the cosmos is in us, but we are also the cosmos. The way he said it was so definite, so true, so scientific, so logical that (even though I’ve heard him say this over the years), it felt more true thinking of him, his great mind, BEING the whole cosmos. I hope his mind is at peace, that he is not in pain. He knows, because he has been teaching us this for many years, that his body is transforming, as are ours. I know he is aware that he is the whole cosmos. I hope for a greater awareness and peace for myself too.

I will continue to do my part, to be aware of him in the hospital, to be aware of where I am every moment, the people I’m with, knowing that I am deeply interconnected to them all, to all living beings, to the sun, moon, stars and the whole cosmos. I am the ocean. I am the mountains. I am the moon, sun and stars….all the stars beyond our galaxy. I am one with the entire cosmos. I have never been born and will never die. I am LIFE. I am Breath. I am Energy. I am Love.

When I forget and feel very small, very human, afraid that I don’t have “enough” food or books or something that makes me feel secure, I need a mantra to remind me of my whole self and my interconnection with all beings. This month, this time that Thay is so il, I need to stay connected to my sangha, to friends, to my teacher. So, I will write this each day for 21 days:

“Thay is reminding me that I am the whole ocean, the whole cosmos.”