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Tag Archives: Nature

Warmer air, falling leaves and rich colors drew me outdoors this afternoon. I love nature and find my true self in blue skies, autumn leaves and flowing creeks. I can spend an entire summer day on the beach or hiking a mountain. Fall and winter have been more recently acquired tastes, possibly due to more wool in my wardrobe and a great coat. So, I left tasks such as buying airline tickets, balancing the checkbook, writing this blog and re-working Chapter One of my book to seize the day and take a lone walk.

I walked slowly, meditatively, stopping to touch a new fruit tree, peer over the bridge on Sligo Creek and spot a tiny minnow. Then I sat on a playground bench to do some preparation for a meeting I am leading in thirty minutes, warmed by the slipping sun.

I have been advised by wise spiritual teachers to stop whatever I am doing for some time outdoors in nature every day. Today I remembered.