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Florida February 28-March 5


Maryland March 10

Coming back from a wonderful Women’s Retreat in FL, I met much news – changes in the lives of several dear ones that will greatly affect my life.   The switch from warm sun to freezing weather back home, from leisure to draw, photograph, walk and eat in silence to exciting conversations at home was sudden and intense.  I love the excitement of being connected to people making huge changes in their lives, share their joys and fears….while still keeping a solid place within my self and my home where they can all be peaceful in the peace in my heart.

I want to be an “island to myself” that I can also share with loved ones, sponsees, suffering people.  I need a balance of time alone meditating, writing, creating, doing my new art, retreat and Qi Gong projects, thinking, walking in nature and time closely enmeshed with loved ones, listening deeply, sharing my heart, being inspired by them to reach higher in my own artistic and spiritual work, balancing work/people time with rest/quiet time.  They “inter-are,” yet time must be made for both activities and rest.

Like waves on the ocean, life always moves and changes.  Every moment, in every cell of our bodies, the flow goes on night/day, yin/yang, suffering/joy, winter/spring.  New life is sprouting from the intensity of the last few day –  all the news, the changes, including the death of a very sweet man who drank again and died a sudden, violent death.  Back in touch with newspapers and internet, I heard about the plane from Malaysia that disappeared, no trace, even oil in water!  Hijacked?  Hidden?  All dead in the sea??  Especially vivid story while a very dear family member is in that part of the world.

Life is so short, so precious, so connected to all the lives around us.  Yet life goes on for me now, brief and intense as it is (Monty’s death a reminder of how short).   I want each day, each moment to flower, shine, sparkle, send fragrance, joy and love to others, emerge from the mud to delight my creator.  I can see the mud, the snow and ice as doors of liberation.  Without suffering, our joy might never be recognized by us or others.  Joy and suffering inter-are.  Activity and rest inter-are.  Other people and myself inter-are.  Two sides of the same piece of paper.

Today I want to LIVE FULLY, really, as the whole me, a full person, tiny but as beautiful as the crocus in my yard.