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I did it!  A major step toward publishing my book, The Power of Love: How a Nun Became a Revolutionary.  Saturday I joined The Writer’s Center and took my first class – “Introduction to Marketing Platforms.”  The teacher said what my husband has been urging me to do for months – start a blog!  She holds that a personal blog is essential for building a “platform” for pitching a book to publishers and building an audience.

Why not start here with my spiritual journey toward writing/publishing the book I “have to” write and share with the world.  How did I come to this view that writing was so important?  I have loved to write since I first learned how to do it as a small child.  I read constantly and also found books to be my unfailing companions since I can remember, hiding in the cherry tree in our back yard to escape into a novel rather than play “King of the Mountain” with neighborhood friends.  So, I “owe the world” at least this one, exciting story to balance the thousands of books I have consumed.

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