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Category Archives: Dreams

Dusk at Joshua Tree

“Dusk at Joshua Tree”, photo by JM

“What were dreams? A ladle dipped, a bucket lowered. the deep, cool water beneath the bright surface; the shadow at the base of every tree. Dreams were the reciprocal of each place you visited when you were awake, each hour you passed through. For every moment in the present there was a mirror in the future, and another in the past. Memory and action, object and shadow, wakefulness and sleep. Put a sun over us and we each have our twin, attached to our feet, dragging about with us in lockstep. Try and outrun it.” (p. 296  About Grace by Anthony Doerr)

I love Anthony Doerr’s writing, his descriptions of snow, of being in the cold wilderness or tropics alone with memories and dreams. Powerful writers inspire, uplift, give me insights into my own life, my dreams, my actions and memories. How fortunate to be a human, to have a past, present and future of which we can be aware.  To have writers, artists, to be able to see, read and hear them.  How deep and rich is each moment we live alive, aware, present!