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Category Archives: Discipline/Scheduling


My husband and I had a real “vacation” day yesterday! We didn’t do anything that was routine. He came to me while I was writing and asked me to “relax, take it easy and not struggle” and let go of rushing off to a meeting first thing. He wanted a day when he had no one telling him what to do, no schedule. Sunday is our usual Day of Mindfulness, when we drop our work to REST. It turned out to be a magical day at the East Gallery (with one trip to the West to see a small lithograph exhibit of Edvard Munch).
We both love the National Gallery of Art, enjoy being inside the amazing space of the East Gallery. Arriving at opening time, we saw that there was a film on the Ballet Russe beginning in a few moments, so we decided to go. It turned out to be an excellent overview of the exhibit on a ballet company formed and sustained by Diaghilev from 1909-1929, mostly in Paris. I didn’t realize that he convinced the great artists of Europe – Picasso, Renault, Matisse and others to design his sets and costumes for a ballet that was increasingly modern in style and movement, a huge contribution to dance, music and design. Then we were able to see the actual costumes and watch videos of the ballets (The Prodigal Son, the Firebird….many others). What a wonderful experience! To top off our perfect “vacation” in our hometown, the Gallery presented a live ballet performance starring lead dancers from Russia.

Although we both value the discipline that allows us to accomplish much in a day, these days of breaking habits and enjoying the immense gifts of our Washington, DC area’s free art offerings is also necessary and wonderful. We came home tired but greatly inspired.


This morning I had such a great writing/editing session on my book. I LOVE to write, to polish the language, to make experiences that were powerful for me when they happened come alive for YOU. I started my goal of finishing my book (once I retired) by setting aside Monday and Friday mornings for writing. (See the blog on Balancing our Many Roles). It took discipline and prioritizing the writing to give myself the gift of those six minimum hours a week, to allow the training in mediation, home repairs, finances and dozens of other projects to disappear from my mind and agenda for two blocks of time every week. Even in “retirement”, there are many requests, opportunities and “business” that would interfere with this structure if I allow it to happen. The “urgent but unimportant” phone calls and emails keep trying to interrupt the writing.

The Covey process helped me write a mission statement, list my most important goals and roles in life and then schedule my week according to priorities(