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Monthly Archives: May 2020

When stressed or emotionally upset, I need a change of viewpoint.  I recognize the emotion, name it, calm it in body, mind and spirit.  Yesterday I had the experience of being obsessed about making a decision, so we went outdoors to do our Qi Gong practice by Sligo Creek.  After shaking, scooping, earthly and heavenly circles, we did all of Sunlight Qi Gong, my favorite long form.  Then my husband and I walked in opposite directions.   I found myself walking alone up a steep hill, still pondering my decision.  Suddenly, I turned around, walked backward and found an entirely new perspective!  The view from this height, looking down into a branch of the creek, reminded me of ‘Honey Creek’ in the Shenandoah Mountains, a refuge for me for over 25 years.  My mind, body and emotions were transformed in a second.  The energy in my head moved to my heart.  I felt open, free, flooded with fond memories of walks near my beloved creek near Old Rag Mountain.  The insight came to me that whichever way I decided to go, I had many options.  I was a free woman.

Several exercises we have been teaching in our Zoom Qi Gong classes on Saturdays are very useful for gaining this “change of viewpoint” when we need it.  The Temple Gong allows the entire body to shift from right to left, to touch the shoulder with one hand and gently tap the kidney with the other, then reverse, setting up a rhythm.  Especially when our eyes shift from far right to far left, we actually see ourselves, our body and our environment from a different perspective.  Yin and Yang become one.

Try walking backwards or doing the Temple Gong today if you need a ‘change of viewpoint’!

kent state-shootings phto.jjpg

May 4, 2020

The 50th anniversary of the Kent State massacre of students.

Nixon admitted the bombing of Cambodia on April 30, 1970.  The May Day demonstrators revealed that bombing had been happening for a long time in Laos and Cambodia.  Those bombs endangered a tiny baby who would become a dearly beloved member of my family. 

I began to relive the feelings of rage that the US government would bomb millions of innocent people in SE Asia.  Then shoot and kill innocent students on a US college campuses who protested the killing.   I again felt in my gut the same helpless and dumbfounded rage at our government, the cruelty, the ego that places profit over human life.

 But we weren’t helpless then and we are not now.  We rose up, demonstrated in increasing numbers, demanded that Nixon stop the war.  Our experience then gives me hope now that today’s administration can be stopped from putting profit above human life during this epidemic.  Apparently one congressman said, “We should let the old, the poor, those who aren’t productive just die.  We’re better off.”  Like Hitler!

I react, watch my mind start hating, judging, wanting to say the same things to them….then I know I need to STOP, breathe, look at the rising sun.

I remember that we are all one, all part of the same organism, that I’m as capable of bitterness, rage, fear and blame as that congressman.  I look at the bits of blue sky, the light on the top of the trees, hear my own heart beating….knowing that I can never wish death or harm to any living being and still be myself, be true to myself.  I am one with the most ignorant, the most fearful, the most dangerous men on the planet.  My mindfulness can nourish their mindfulness…raise us both, help us remember that we are grains of sand on the same shore, waves on the same ocean.  My heart calms.  I have a choice to nourish peace, love and mindfulness, while taking a stand against war, injustice and greed.

Help me,Universe, Ultimate dimension of myself, to keep stopping, breathing, coming back to reality, to this one enormous cycle of LIFE, of LOVE, of PEACE.  What we see is so small, a corner, a shadow of the big picture.  Help my actions and attitudes this day increase the peace, the joy, the love and compassion in the world.