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Monthly Archives: May 2018

J holding sun

Ahh!  Another hint of sunlight during a long spring rain, lasting days.  This morning we had a moment’s break in clouds and rain to do Qi Gong on the beach.  We chose Sunlight Qi Gong, one of my favorite, most powerful exercises to draw the energy of the Sun into our bodies, minds and lives.  Today I almost felt that my pleading for the sun to show itself had an effect!  I remember feeling that as a little girl on rainy days – that if I just prayed hard enough, the sun would reappear.

I know the sun is always there, as are all the Powers  that sustain our lives on earth.  If not, we would disappear too.  The sun is our main source of energy from without and can be nourished in our bodies and minds even when we can’t see it.  Thank you, dear friends who joined us in a Day of Mindfulness in Rehoboth Beach yesterday.  You also brought sunshine into my heart.