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J-QG on beach

My favorite place to practice Sunlight Qi Gong is the seashore at sunrise.  My husband and I had the surprise opportunity this week to stay at a friend’s home there for a couple of days to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.  Touching sand, ocean and sky, breathing in fresh morning air, my heart opens with gratitude, a smile comes alive, greeting the rising sun.

When I die, please don’t see my passing as a tragedy.  It cannot be.  I have lived so many lives already, loved so deeply, been loved so beautifully and faithfully.  I am grateful for every extra moment of life, every sunrise, sunset, wave of the ocean, every breath, every moment with family and friends, every opportunity to tell my beloved how much I love him.





  1. So beautiful. Thank you for the reminder how wonderful life is. Congratulations on being with the love of your life for 22 years.

    Happy you are enjoying the beach.

    You are an amazing woman & beautiful soul.

    Thank you! for being in my life …our life, at this moment.

    see you soon I hope. liz

    • Thank you, Liz, back now from such a wonderful but busy summer….looking forward to seeing you at the Day of Mindfulness next SATURDAY!!! Love, Joann

  2. JoAnn— thinking of YOU, my Loretto Dear-One with such LOVE— even if our meeting only happened several times on retreat!!! Every morning, as I pray and do QiGong you are are so very near!!! THANK YOU for introducing me to this spiritual practice!!! My love to you, Jenny Wilcox

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    • Dear Jenny,
      Great to hear from you….this came up on my yahoo email account, which I never read anymore. I think your email address hasn’t worked for our latest emails about the retreats. So, I’ll try to re-send. So happy we connected and love you, Loretto sister, forever! Hope to see you in FL in the winter/spring!

      Much love,

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