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My affirmation for the month of March, as I heal from a bad cold:

“The spring sun is warming, healing and inspiring me.”Joann:Qi:Beach.JPG


    • Perry Michael Boggia
    • Posted March 18, 2016 at 9:02 am
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    Joan’s beach proclamation (as inspired by Joan’s photo on the beach, and my inderstandings, based on observations of Joan’s demostrations. It is by no means true, as to be definitive, but it is completely true as to my perspective.) Here we go… spoken by Joan on this day.

    “Let it be known to myself, my love ones, my friends, to one and all. I am open for life, and nothing
    will be unacceptable that harms no one, yet furthers my potential to be helpful, by growing in understanding and effectiveness.
    Love and tolerance of others will be my code as I go forth. Yet, again, I will choose nothing by myself, as all commitments and promises will always be honored and I will always make them with this in mind. God will deliver the results, so my biggest commitment is to be myself, allowing those who know me and those who love me, to know and love me.
    I proclaim this today and now, and I do so joyfully.”

    Quotes put in to further the allusion that I might truly understand Joan and therefore, speak for her. But, need I understand the messager, I don’t think, so. It’s the authentic message transmitted, with its consistency that is impactful to me.
    Thank you, Joan. A picture can tell a thousand words, no matter whose words they belong to.

    Ps. I was told by a wise lady, write what you think, when you think it, do not ever hesitate to write.
    So, my first post to your site, and why did I write it. To steal a phrase from “real writers” , I write (wrote this) because, I must.

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