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IMG_5666Thank you, friends, for inspiring me this week to get up and MOVE more!  One friend was feeling ill and had stopped exercising altogether.  We promised one another we would get on our bikes this week.  I had a lovely ride yesterday morning along the creek and came home sweaty, heart beating, joyous.  I aim to get to the gym 4-5 days a week for a 60-90 minute workout (depending on weather for swimming), but this week I also added three half-hour walks .   Another inspiration was a friend in the hospital suffering from diabetes, unable to walk.  I don’t want that to happen to me!  It might, no matter how well I eat and exercise, but anything I can do to prevent it, I want to do.  I know that staying healthy, eating what is best for my body takes vigilance, attention, mindfulness.  No one else will do it for me.  If I fail one week, I need to start again the next.

A special thanks to my husband for his constant positive inspiration to get up from this computer and do Qi Gong at least once an hour.  Moving feels GOOD!  (Until about 4:00pm in the afternoon as I finish this blog.)  Each of us needs to find the best time of day, the best pattern and type of exercise that works for us, but as Michelle Obama urges us, “Let’s MOVE.”

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