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Read the news every day.   Know the suffering of the earth and its people, the aching of mountain tops and children weary for peace.  Feel the hunger in the depths of your belly, Joann, and never become satiated or lulled into forgetfulness.  Do not run from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Nigeria.  Stay in touch with both the worst fears and devastation the human race commits and the slightest rays of hope and courage.

Great art keeps me awake and hungry.  The startling, fresh movements of the Trey McIntyre Project force me to look at death, at the energy of life coming and going.  The passage I just read in Transatlantic by Colum McCann stirs hope in my heart that peace can come anywhere if we hunger for it enough:

p. 150  “The true verdict, he says, will belong to history. The ordinary people own it now.  We could not have found peace (in Northern Ireland) unless the desire for it was already here.  Nothing could have been achieved unless it was, first, wanted.  The collaboration was across the board.  No, it doesn’t take courage to shoot a policeman in the back of the head.  What takes courage is to compete in the arena of democracy.  But let’s not pretend it’s finished.  Yet let’s not pretend that it has only just begun either.  It was not an expectation, no, it was a conviction. Generations of mothers will understand this.  I do not find it sentimental at all, no never, not that.  Cynicism is easy.  An optimist is a braver cynic.”

How can we ever achieve peace if we do not experience it in our own bodies, minds and hearts?  If we have never suffered, never known despair or total powerlessness, how can we recognize transformation?  We need the taste of both death and life, bites of peace, freedom and sanity to hunger for more relief from war, slavery and insanity.

Tell me how you keep your hunger for peace alive?


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