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Breathe and stay in the day! Go with the flow of the great ocean of which I am water, not just a part but the whole thing. We inter-are…my role in life is to take care of this body/spirit/mind as well as possible, because in it is everything, everyone I love….just as the whole ocean is in the one little fleeting wave and the little wave is the whole ocean! The notion I grew up with of a “separate self,” individualism, being better or worse than others is an illusion.

If i am mindful of my own emotions, reactions, words, actions, thoughts, then what I contribute to the rest of humanity is more peaceful, joyful, real. I’m so far from being able to do that all the time – I forget, like all people who are trying to be loving, mindful and present. I blurt out comments I think are funny, compete, am self-centered and gauche sometimes. But I want to be a good little wave, to splash about, moving in/out, up/down, going with the flow of this great life of which I am a small part, happy, joyous and FREE! I hope my joy and freedom spreads some joy, freedom and love in those about me, all the other waves.



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