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Monthly Archives: March 2014


by Nick Kenrick

by Nick Kenrick

Life is GREAT!  It’s spring!  My husband inspired me on the morning of the first day of spring….he went outdoors to do some Qi Gong  in the fresh spring air….the moon was coming through the mist…he summoned me to the back porch to see it.  He urged me to read Ken Cohen’s book The Way of Qi Gong about “Harmonizing with Seasonal Qi: Flowing with Change.”  There is so much transition in my life these months – spring bursting through a brutal, arctic winter, all the people closest to me going through huge changes in their lives, some moving half way round the world, another transitioning from a long-term job.

Cohen says “resistance to disease is lowered during times of transition, whether this be positive or negative emotional change, a change of employment or environment or the change of seasons.  An important benefit of Qi Gong is an improved ability to flow with changing situations.”

I tried this classic meditation for attuning to the seasonal changes by the fourth century alchemist Ge Hong, adapted by Cohen for the Spring Equinox.  Stand outdoors facing east.  Imagine clouds of healing green Qi flowing from the east and entering the body.  Inhale the Qi or imagine it entering the top of the head or the pores of the skin….as green Qi fills the body, see oneself as beautiful green jade.

Is this a version of visualizing oneself as a tiny molecule of the “instant cosmos” in the last blog??  Will folks think I’ve “taken a turn around the bend”??  Whatever!  Why not!  Once I decided that the God of my youth was way too small for my needs, I’ve become more open to whatever works, however strange it might sound to others.  Energy (“Qi”) is definitely a divine form in my body, my spirit, the buds on trees, the moon shifting among clouds, the dawn of a new day.

Let me know how you celebrate the advent of Spring!

And come to our new Qi Gong class beginning April 9 at the Takoma Park Recreation Department – Wednesdays at 7:30pm.  See Patrick’s wonderful description at

A big-bang theory gets a big boost: Evidence that vast cosmos was created in split second

Steffen Richter/Steffen Richter/ – The sun sets behind BICEP2 (in the foreground) and the South Pole Telescope (in the background).

What exciting news! That over 13.8 billion years ago, our Universe, initially infinitely hot and dense, dimensionless, with no space, no time, expanded from microcosmic to cosmically huge in a fraction of a second.  ‘Cosmic inflation’ throws gas on the ‘big bang theory’ say cosmologists.

“The inflationary model implies that our universe is exceedingly larger than what we currently observe, which is humbling already in its scale,” says Princeton University astro-physicist David Spergel.

Reading this wonderful article immediately after my morning meditation and words from Thich Nhat Hanh in Love Letter to the Earth, I am amazed and happy to be alive, to be part of such a vast, powerful, ancient and beautiful Universe.

Thay says, “Earth’s true nature is the ultimate dimension of reality – the nature of no-coming, no-going, no-birth, no-death.  This is also our true nature.  If we’re able to touch this, we can experience the peace and freedom of non-fear.”

Why be afraid?  We are as old as the energy and gravity that burst into stars and planets billions of years ago.  We are as fresh and new as the snow on the ground this morning.  Our lifespan is as limitless as that of the Universe.  In touching the snowflake or my own hand, I touch the energy and life that began in the earth and in my body billions of years ago and will continue in new forms for billions of years to come.  How freeing!

Read the whole article, wonderful and rich, and let me know your reflections, please:

In the beginning, the universe got very big very fast, transforming itself in a fraction of an instant from something almost infinitesimally small to something imponderably vast, a cosmos so huge that no one will ever be able to see it all.

This is the premise of an idea called cosmic inflation — a powerful twist on the big-bang theory — and Monday it received a major boost from an experiment at the South Pole called BICEP2.



Surprise gift to my husband Patrick on his saint’s day!  And for the upcoming “refinement” of his work life.  Look forward to more music, more blogging about his process as a Qi Gong and meditation teacher, Alexander practitioner, sangha builder, artist, CD and DVD producer, philosopher and counselor to many….and very loving husband.

See his latest posting at




Florida February 28-March 5


Maryland March 10

Coming back from a wonderful Women’s Retreat in FL, I met much news – changes in the lives of several dear ones that will greatly affect my life.   The switch from warm sun to freezing weather back home, from leisure to draw, photograph, walk and eat in silence to exciting conversations at home was sudden and intense.  I love the excitement of being connected to people making huge changes in their lives, share their joys and fears….while still keeping a solid place within my self and my home where they can all be peaceful in the peace in my heart.

I want to be an “island to myself” that I can also share with loved ones, sponsees, suffering people.  I need a balance of time alone meditating, writing, creating, doing my new art, retreat and Qi Gong projects, thinking, walking in nature and time closely enmeshed with loved ones, listening deeply, sharing my heart, being inspired by them to reach higher in my own artistic and spiritual work, balancing work/people time with rest/quiet time.  They “inter-are,” yet time must be made for both activities and rest.

Like waves on the ocean, life always moves and changes.  Every moment, in every cell of our bodies, the flow goes on night/day, yin/yang, suffering/joy, winter/spring.  New life is sprouting from the intensity of the last few day –  all the news, the changes, including the death of a very sweet man who drank again and died a sudden, violent death.  Back in touch with newspapers and internet, I heard about the plane from Malaysia that disappeared, no trace, even oil in water!  Hijacked?  Hidden?  All dead in the sea??  Especially vivid story while a very dear family member is in that part of the world.

Life is so short, so precious, so connected to all the lives around us.  Yet life goes on for me now, brief and intense as it is (Monty’s death a reminder of how short).   I want each day, each moment to flower, shine, sparkle, send fragrance, joy and love to others, emerge from the mud to delight my creator.  I can see the mud, the snow and ice as doors of liberation.  Without suffering, our joy might never be recognized by us or others.  Joy and suffering inter-are.  Activity and rest inter-are.  Other people and myself inter-are.  Two sides of the same piece of paper.

Today I want to LIVE FULLY, really, as the whole me, a full person, tiny but as beautiful as the crocus in my yard.