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I love being a human being, having a brain, a heart, imagination, memory, senses, love for other humans, connections with them, feelings that come and go, the ability to see, touch and be delighted by other humans, by sunlight (it’s coming today, they say, after days of rain and cold), by mountains, oceans, rivers, trees, flowers.

When I hear the “Heart of the Paraprajnamita” (no ears, no nose, no eyes, no mouth, no body or mind), I know that I also have a deeper, higher life within me that does not need the senses to be awakened, or that has used the senses for many years to touch a place that cannot be taken away, a Mind, a Heart, a Love that is beyond this body and mind with which I am so familiar and consider “me.”  I get to touch it every day if I remember, am mindful, aware, in reality.

I don’t really want to die because I can’t (with my limits) quite trust that there could be anything better than this world, this body and mind, this moment.  I know that in this moment is everything, all people, all life, all human history, all thought, all courage and hope.  Time and space converge in this moment and place in the Universe.  The convergence can happen anywhere, but for “me” (whatever that is), it is right here, right now, in this body, with these eyes, this heart, this mind.  How glorious!  The particular is universal and the Universal manifests in each tiny cell of my body and each tiny cell of every flower on earth, every child, every sunbeam.  WOW!  I love life, the mystery and beauty of it all.

Thank you, Universe, for me, for life, for all the people, places and things I love in this vast world.  At this moment there is nothing I don’t love.  Nothing for which I am not grateful.  Even the worse experiences of my life have become precious gifts, the nastiest people my teachers.  Thank you for this moment of Love

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