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“My ability to be present in the world with an open heart depends on my ability to be present to myself with an open heart.” Sylvia Borstein’’

Yesterday was so FULL!  We expected, anticipated and planned carefully for each of the three major events: Our Level II Qi Gong teacher training “certification ceremony,” the first ever 14 Mindfulness Trainings recitation ceremony at our home by the WMC Order of Interbeing members and the Evening of Remembrance at the Washington Mindfulness Community!  Each event carried emotion: a bit of anxiety, mixed feelings of joy at accomplishment and sorrow at endings.  Each event was a beautiful spiritual activity employing mindfulness of body and spirit, yet each demanded an open, giving heart, sensitive to others.

I find that when I am preparing for days of giving myself intensely, trying to be fully present to the feelings and needs of others, I also need to take good care of myself.  I need space to focus on each event, each person, the nuances of others’ needs for safety, security, affection, recognition, inclusion, attention, affirmation.  In that space, I need time to breathe, rest, look deeply at what I am feeling, needing and doing in the moment.  One of my teachers in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh says “Space is LOVE.”

On the day after so much intensity with others, I am grateful to be writing in my robe and slippers, alone, quiet, reflecting, re-charging.  This is the other type of space I need in the rhythm of my life – time alone, in silence, in meditation.  I love meditation in community, need it, make sure I have it in my schedule most days of the week.  But it must also be balanced by mindful time alone.

How do you take care of your heart, mind and body, giving yourself the space and care you need as you give yourself to others?


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  1. Thanks for sharing your space with us – Bob

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