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Monthly Archives: February 2013


My meditation and Qi Gong this morning were very powerful. I did the last four movements of Sunlight QG in the kitchen facing a real, strong, bright sun penetrating thick cloud cover. Symbolic for health and strength taking hold in my recovering body. I felt the sun’s Qi, energy force, coming directly into my body, opening channels that had been clogged for two weeks, helping blood and energy flow through me as I moved. I knew that I was finally more well than ill.

My readings from Ruth Fishel’s Time for Joy and Thich Nhat Hanh’s Understanding our Mind further energized my spirit. In his chapter on Interbeing, Thay tells me that the Buddha taught that there are Five Powers (see future blogs for the other four).

“First is the power of faith. We need to have faith in the possibility of touching nirvana, of awakening to suchness. This is not blind faith, it is based on our understanding, insight and experience.”

Yes, said my heart, my faith is based on an understanding that my health, my very life is impermanent and at the same time eternal, linked to the life force that has existed in all beings long before my time and will continue long after I live in this moment, in this body. I have had much experience with health challenges, as have most humans. This experience tells me that illness comes and goes, that none of us escape illness. But even during the longest days of listlessness, coughing, loneliness, uselessness and fatigue, I knew for certain, based on my experience, that these feelings and bodily weakness would pass. Now they have passed! I need to be careful as I try to resume some “normal” activities, but I am moving in the direction of health, energy and life today.

The insight? That I am never alone, no matter how alone I feel….that I am one with the energy of sunlight even when I cannot see it, that all suffering can be transformed with the energy of mindfulness. As last week I surrendered to the reality of illness, today I surrender to the energy of life. I smile a genuine smile of deep happiness. All life is a gift. I am so grateful – for both the clouds and the sunlight.