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Monthly Archives: May 2011

In our meditation group tonight, I felt my mother’s presence in me, her heart beating in my heart. She was one of the most courageous and powerful women I have ever known, with the most gentle heart. I have never doubted her love for me, even when my actions worried and frightened her. When I faced over 35 years in prison for my anti-Vietnam war action, she wrote a letter to the judge supporting me.

In preparing for a meditation retreat I am co-leading next weekend, I have been reading The Heart’s Code by Dr. Paul Pearsall. His work with hundreds of heart transplant recipients has led him to some amazing conclusions about the heart’s ability to connect to other hearts. He describes the sound of our own beating heart as “an echo of our memory of our mother’s heart still resounding within us, a permanent cellular memory….of the womb.” “When we pay attention to the code our heart is beating out, we are tapping into an energy legacy left within our cells not only by our mother but by all of our ancestors’ souls.”

This made sense to me today as I was celebrated by loved ones as a mother, knowing that I have been given the ultimate gift to pass on not only life but the love I was given by my own mother. Whether or not we have been able to give the gift of life biologically, all of us, men too, have been mothered and have the capability to mother others.

This is a day to celebrate the mother’s heart within each person we meet. Happy Mother’s Day!