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What a glorious morning! Cooler, overcast, breezy and filled with azaleas, pink and white dogwood, birdsong and LOVE. Somehow getting the grass mowed yesterday gave me energy to re-pot all my plants and put in herbs on the back porch – basil, fennel and cilantro. Spring is such a gift of the Universe. I picture my God smiling, tapping me on the shoulder, asking if this is enough to make me happy. “Have I pleased you with this sunrise? This perfect peach blossom? This curious cardinal who returns every morning to the porch? Is this enough to satisfy you?” “Are you happy yet?”

YES! I am pleased. I am happy. I am filled with joy actually, even in the absence of sunshine. These flowers are enough. My sweet husband is enough. The encouragement from an old friend and author about my book is enough. My family is enough. My health is enough. Just being alive, breathing and writing is enough. Thank you for all the hard work, whatever powers of creativity and beauty have served me this day full of possibilities.

How are you feeling today?

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