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Today is my sweet husband’s 55th birthday. I am so grateful for him, for his life, for his parents and ancestors passing on their lives through him. We are both recipients of many generations of Irish-Catholic ancestors, with Polish and Dutch added on his side. Conflict, war, poverty and hard work are all part of our family traditions. Also faith, love, laughter and persistence in the face of difficulty.

He is also the product of many land ancestors and spiritual teachers (among them Thich Nhat Hanh, Martin Luther King, Robert Fripp, Gandhi and many others). We celebrated his life and his birthday today with a mindful morning of journaling, Qi Gong, meditation and a beautiful afternoon walking the labyrinth at Brookside Gardens. We listened to a new CD from the California Guitar Trio (a gift) and relished the world of music for which we are both very grateful.

He nourishes the best seeds in my heart every day of joy, peace and love. I am so grateful for him.

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