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Today is my birthday, one of the BIG ones. I have now outlived my mother by three years. We share this birthday and she would have been 102 today. My father lived six years past this one but died miserably. I hope that this decade I can live fully, happily, with my parents living on in me, in my life filled with love.

These last three days without electrical power, without being able to stay in our home, access our phone, wash clothes has shown how attached I am to my home, to my great life. Being without our usual routines and stuff for a few days, relying on the kindness of friends for basic shelter has been like a retreat, an opportunity full of insights.

My Buddhist teachings tell me that everything is impermanent, even the best things and people in our lives we will lose, because everything is in a state of constant change. I’m more at peace with that. Change allows babies to grow up and us old folks eventually to let go of this precious life, trusting that we continue on in the earth, the air, the trees that feed on our bodies, the memories of people we have loved. It’s not that comforting and I know that I don’t have complete trust that dying is ok. But our friend Jay (whose ashes are in Pat’s room) said on his death bed three months ago that there is “NOTHING TO FEAR.” I trust him, his connection with great spirits. I trust the teachings of the Buddha. I trust Thay. These teachings ring more true than the Catholic ones I grew up with – the eternal soul (although part of me still believes that too), God the Father, heaven, hell and purgatory. Whatever happens will be a continuation of this life. And this life is now so incredibly good, wonderful and happy that I want to spread all the goodness, happiness, joy and love possible to everyone I meet for the rest of my life. No time for fear, for self-centeredness, for anger, hatred, selfishness, pride or small-mindedness.

This is the time of my life for LOVE, deep, clear, expanding, powerful LOVE. I am so, so grateful to be alive, to have such riches of love and friendship in my life, such powerful spiritual teachers, work I love, family and friends and our sweet home to which we will return shortly.

I dedicate this decade of my life to LOVE.



  1. Happy Birthday My Love,

    I know you will continue to grow in love forever!

    • I love what you wrote Joann and I love the love that you and Pat have for eachother. It makes me smile. I know that kind of love and I have been blessed enough to have a love like that in my life. I love you both always and forever ❤ Casey Dae

    • As long as you keep teaching me, my darling.

  2. Happy Birthday! Our world is blessed that you are here. And never forget that ‘being one day older only matters if you are a banana!’

    • From one happy banana to another – thank you for being in my life again. I had the most awesome birthday with my son,daughter in law,granddaughter, my husband, niece and nephew, laughing, eating fabulous Khmai crepes and cupcakes by the fire and playing Cranium. We are so happy together and love one another fiercely.

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