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Yesterday a conflict with beloved friends brought out some of my glaring defects of anger, pride, fear and people-pleasing. I was still suffering from the experience when I went to bed and had difficulty sleeping. So, I used my meditation practice to at least rest, follow my breath and calm my body and emotions. it seemed a long time that I tried to keep meditating, failing to fall asleep in my usual easy fashion.

At some point I visualized a particular statue of the Buddha I saw several years ago on the island of Penang in Malaysia. This golden Buddha was as long as the room, lying on his side, his head resting on his hand, a smile on his face. I imagined the Buddha as a living being, long and golden, crawled up into his arms and rested there. I felt safe, happy to be exactly the person I am, with the emotions I have. I allowed the Buddha to hold me, comfort my feelings and allow them to transform into peace, humility, faith and clarity. Whatever happened with the conflict would be fine. My friends and I would all be safe, open-minded and willing to act with compassion and even some wisdom from my ancient friend. Our intentions were to work for peace and unity within our community. We needed to take refuge in that deep source of peace and wisdom within each of us, look at our own mental formations, smile and rest in this precious moment.


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  1. Thank you for taking refuge in the Buddha and for sharing your practice with us.

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