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Photo by atmtx

Pat’s performance in our home yesterday was amazing, so moving. We invited just a few people each evening for a four-day series of live recordings for his next CD – Alive Again! It is such a privilege to live with a great musician and performer! To have friends and family come to our home to participate in making a live CD! It has been good for me to just let go of all my projects for a few days and be part of the support team for Pat’s recording and special anniversary, to go along for the ride, helping, cleaning, preparing food, listening, anticipating needs, ringing a temple bell at the right time, appreciating the moment. It felt relaxing.

We support each other in our artistic endeavors and are blessed with many friends who also support us, listen to our latest sentence or the beginning of a new piece of music. His producer is a dear friend and an amazing musician who also practices meditation and Qi Gong with us in the mornings. He seems to be a favorite of our granddaughter. He must be special because he didn’t get as many “tickets” for “talking too much” or “embarrassing me” as I did. We had fun while accomplishing important work.

All artists need support. All humans need support. Gigantic trees need support. Giving it is even more wonderful than receiving it.

How are you being supported and supporting others today?



  1. Joann,

    You are the most supportive person that I know. Not just for me but for many others. Allowing others to support is a gift as well as offering. Blessings.

    • Thank you, my sweet love. Loving you is so, so easy.

      Peace, Joann Malone

      “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

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