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by Joann

This is too beautiful a day to be indoors, so this blog post will be very short. I just want to report that I “shipped” in a fashion – signed up for another course at the Writer’s Center. This one is called “Narrative History and Biography: Works in Progress.” I hope it will meet my goal of sharing my book with other writers, gaining their feedback and guidance from our author/teacher on understanding publishing.

Each of these tasks seem so small. Just as the sandpiper moves each grain of sand standing in the way of the next little crab. Yet our “lizard brains,” our fears and resistance to our own success can hold us back from just taking that small step. Now, having finished my “work” for the day, I’m off to take a walk along my favorite creek. One day at a time, one step at a time, the tiny grains of sand become a shore.

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