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My wonderful husband Patrick just led us in a guided meditation that moved from fear to freedom. We have developed the habit of silence in our mornings, a respect for each other’s needs to move gently from the dream/waking state to human interaction. I need to write my dreams as soon as I awaken, to connect to the Mind that is greater than myself, perhaps the “collective unconscious” that Jung describes. The word God is the most common word in our society to describe this connection .

We are also silent much of the day on this retreat we have created for ourselves, free to write, create new music, read, nap, sit quietly at the edge of the ocean watching waves. We do speak to one another too, but we allow comfortable space and silence in our lives. It was one of the aspects of his personality that attracted me many years ago when we were becoming friends. We could take a hike up a mountain for hours, comfortable in silence, absorbing the sounds of birds and wind in the laurel bushes.

From this silence comes the sound of his guitar, the ideas for our blogs, urges to communicate with you, reflections on our lives and gifts, the sound of the ocean and wind. Silence is the cup that holds all awareness.

How do you relate to silence?


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