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I’m a bit stuck. I have probably gone as far as I can go with writing my book on my own. I want readers. Feedback. Response. Interaction with an audience. The blog helps, especially when you tell me that you’ve read a post. You keep me going, keep me writing, keep me working on getting this book published.

Last week I gave the first five chapters to a fellow writer to read and critique. I also gave ten chapters to a friend who has an idea for vetting the story to a film director. Amazing! But now that I’ve placed the chapters in the hands of others, it is hard to keep writing while I’m waiting. Finishing such a major work, one that has been percolating in my head and heart for years, leaves the inevitable question – WHAT NEXT? What do I do while waiting for responses from readers, editors, and eventually agents and potential publishers? WRITE, you say. So, you’ve noticed an increase in blog posts. But is that real WRITING??? It is, but not the same as writing a memoir, novel or a short story.

So, I’ve looked at notes on the computer, the beginning of a novel, a play and several short stories. I’ve read John Kelly‘s article “I have plenty of books in me. Now, do I want to write any…” None of my ideas excite my imagination today. There are more stories in me, stories happening around me at this moment. Am I missing the present moment while WAITING for the next book or the responses from my readers? Waiting for Godot? Be here, now, Joann.

What parts of my story do you want to hear?


  1. On the same day Pat led with a talk on his morning practices, a friend connected me to your blog and the entry on cause and effect (a higher power that I relate to). Your offerings encourage practices that both open my mind (the phrase “daily meetings for spiritual growth” invited contemplation) and focus my mind (three breaths before a new task). Your thoughts (and the stunning photographs) are of great benefit and I look forward to reading them. Thank you!

    • Dear Wendy,
      Thank you for reminding me of my own advice – take three breaths before I read the next email, write the next word. Love your feedback! Many thanks.

  2. Now comes the time to practice “waiting meditation”. I can certainly detect the frustration in your writing and feel confident all new and struggling writers share this feeling at this point. Remember to breathe and by all means keep writing. As for what part I want to hear, I want to start at the beginning, the way you’ve laid it out for us, the readers, to experience.

    • Dear Richard,

      Great to hear from you and to get feedback on the blog.
      You give me such wisdom – wait, breathe, find peace in the present moment. Always my task, joy and gift.

      Did I send you the new version of the first few chapters of the book? If not, I will. The part about growing up in KC is probably interesting to family, but I’m not sure it’s compelling enough a story to keep in the book.

      Peace, Joann Malone

      “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

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