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by John Althouse Cohen_______________________

You might ask this question if you notice a gap in blog entries here.  Summer vacation?  Can a serious writer ever take a vacation, you ask?  Or have family obligations or other interests that permit a pause in writing?  Don’t we need to write every day to keep our skills sharp?  Aren’t we compelled to write?  YES!  And I have continued to write every day, even yesterday on the second day of a medical procedure that required three days of fasting and general anesthesia two days running (one of my shortest ever journal entries).  But I am not yet open enough to the world to publicly share my daily journal.  Perhaps after my death you’ll see those boxes of hand-written journals dating back to 1969 and the computer journals from the last eight years.   Is that selfish?  Prudent?  Shall I try a few to see what you think?

But there has also been exciting progress on the book during this gap in blogging.   Since my guitarist husband had already scheduled to have his producer here to record his four days of live performances, Tony also did two sessions with me.  The first was a 45 minute recording of a guided meditation similar to ones I do for women’s retreats and the second a recording of the introductions to the first several chapters of my book, The Power of Love.  Shall I post one when I receive them?

Have you recorded your voice reading your own writing?  How did you feel about the process?


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