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I had the great privilege yesterday of organizing a day of meditation for women friends.  The setting was an octagon in a beautiful blueberry farm.   I led guided meditation, walking meditation amidst the blueberries and on the labyrinth, deep relaxation and eating meditation.  At the end, we shared and listened to each other’s experience of meditating in a group of women.  For some it was a first experience; for others a reunion of fellow meditators.  Some of the women there had guided me toward this path after a period of deep hopelessness and despair in my life.  Now I was able to offer them methods of meditation I had learned over the last 19 years.  Giving away what we have been given is truly the best way to ensure its presence in our lives.

Later that evening I attended my regular Sunday evening sitting with the Washington Mindfulness Community (  I needed to be nourished after giving and being present for others all day.  I also wanted to say goodbye to a very special young woman who was leaving us for a year.  It was her first time as bell mistress and she did a lovely job.  Passing it on…that’s important…teaching others that anyone can meditate, that we can’t meditate wrong, that peace and calm are available to us at any moment, anywhere, as close as our next breath!


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