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Farm 3 by Mableton

My husband’s computer crashed suddenly a couple of days ago.  OMG!  All the pictures, wordfiles, music,  ideas for books, emails, gone.  I haven’t been blogging much during the last week due to wonderful celebrations and trying to recover his files and re-edit my book for backup systems.  The crash has brought much reflection on how dependent we have become on our computers, on things in our lives.  Here are some musings from my journal (which I do write faithfully every day).

We are more than our things, we are life unlimited.  This is hard to remember when we lose something we use everyday.  We are so dependent on our beds, refrigerators, AC, groups we cherish, our families, friends.  But everything changes.  People change.  We change.  It is strange how much of our early lives we seem to focus on “acquiring” education, manners, language, toys, habits, etc.  Then in older age, we slowly start losing memory, manners, language, toys.  Habits sometimes remain, not always our best ones.  Life is change.  So important to focus on the present moment, to relish it deeply for all that it contains, to give ourselves in the moment to LIFE, to the people in our lives, to live as fully as possible.  Because this moment will pass and another will come quickly.  Things and people will pass out of our lives.  Our life will change.  Present moment/wonderful moment!  Letting go can be such an exercise in freedom and openness.


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