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Thank you, Susan Faucon,  for including our new creative works in your fabulous variety show – “Voices from the Heart.” (  I have allowed a few close friends to read selections from my book, but this was my first opportunity for a formal public reading.  I chose introductions from the first three chapters.  The setting is the day of our sentencing for three federal felonies – May 6, 1970 – only two days after the Kent State massacre.

” Escape?  Flee?  Find George, tell him everything and ask him for contacts and money to fly to Cuba?  My stomach churns on acid and water, no food, not able to eat this morning, too conflicted, too afraid.  The fear is unfamiliar, new, a fear for someone other than myself.  I have been so careless with my life, my future….Does safety exist for me?  Can I ever be free again?”

The writing of this book has taken on a life of its own.  It is now a living entity that carries my heart and words but also has an existence apart from me.  Sharing it publicly feels a bit like sending a child off to school alone.  Will she be received well by the other students?  By teachers?

I am grateful to each audience member who listened deeply and gave me feedback.  I am grateful to Susan for the opportunity.  But most of all,  grateful to my husband for his patient and loving encouragement throughout the writing process.  Writing can sometimes be a lonely effort that perhaps no one else will understand or appreciate.  I saw a new level of understanding and appreciation in the eyes of many last night…just as it has been there for years in my husband’s eyes.

How appropriate that this unleashing of my book should coincide with our 16th wedding anniversary and a full moon.


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