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Joann doing Qi Gong/photo by Patrick Smith

This weekend we had a wonderful time relaxing at the beach.  I find that there are so many tasks related to writing, building a marketing platform for my book, performing my first public reading from the book next Friday and teaching meditation, that I sometimes need to STOP the work and just relax – even when the work is enjoyable.

Qi Gong has become a good method for me of relaxing on a daily basis, coordinating my physical movements with my breath, calming my spirit and freeing the energy in my body to flow through me.  My favorite place to do it is on the beach, stretching down to the surf and sand, lifting up my arms to the sun and sky, feeling all the energy of the heavens flowing down into my body.  On cold, dreary indoor winter days, I can revive the beach in my mind and heart, feeling the warm sun flowing through me.

Do you find it difficult to achieve balance between activity and rest, body and mind, expending energy and receiving nourishment?  How do you connect your body to your work?  Do you find time to just breathe in and breathe out?


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