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Another major project I’ve been working on this past year – in addition to finishing my book – has been organizing a meditation retreat for women.  A very powerful exercise during the retreat was offered by Ruth Fishel, author of You Can Change (Almost) Anything in 21 Days.  She led us in a guided meditation that prompted us to listen to our desires to change something in our lives.  Then we journaled about the experience and wrote an affirmation about this desire, making sure that it was something PRESENT, POSSIBLE, PERSONAL, POSITIVE AND PASSIONATELY POWERFUL.

I chose the desire to move forward in publishing my book.  The writing has been energizing.  But publishing?  Was it even something I wanted to do?  Would it negatively affect people close to the story?  Would anyone really want to read a 40 year old story?  Was there any aspect of the publishing process I could possibly enjoy? In other words, negative ‘self talk’ threw up barricades to DOing something to move toward publishing the book.  I was STUCK!!!!

So, rather than choose an affirmation about losing weight or cleaning out the attic, I plunged into this difficult area.  With Ruth’s help, I fashioned the wording of my affirmation:  “I am being guided to the next step in publishing my book.” Present, theoretically possible, positive, very personal, and something I wanted but wondered if it might ever be possible for me.

Then I wrote it every day for three weeks, usually changing the wording, keeping it fresh, alive for me, as I watched changes and opportunities arise.  I was experiencing the power of words, of saying them out loud to myself, of making my intention a reality and now of sharing those words and this process with you, my audience.  This blog was one of the direct results of my affirmation.  I am still surprised that it has become a reality.

What is your experience with affirmations?


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